13. October 2017

“Great Passion for Great Wheels”: RONAL GROUP launches new Corporate Website

Härkingen/Switzerland, 2017/10/13 – Swiss company RONAL GROUP, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light-alloy wheels for cars and commercial vehicles, now has a new website in eight languages at www.ronalgroup.com. Following its major relaunch, not only does the corporate website now come in a modern design, it also satisfies increased user needs and expectations in terms of its usability.

With its redesigned website, the RONAL GROUP has established its status as a modern, professional and international company. With “Great Passion for Great Wheels” as its motto, the new modern website of the RONAL GROUP offers visitors a wide variety of information relating to the company and its brands, development and production, sustainability and careers. To ensure that the website remains dynamic, news about the various site locations, their activities and employees will be provided on a regular basis in the Stories section.

Along with a company profile, key milestones in the company’s history and a detailed overview of its locations, users will also find interesting information about the technical development of the wheels and the technologies used in their production. At the same time, www.ronalgroup.com also functions as a springboard to websites for the brands RONAL, SPEEDLINE CORSE, SPEEDLINE TRUCK, CARBON REVOLUTION and SanSwiss. Moreover, the sustainability platform PLANBLUE, which used to be on a separate page, has now been incorporated into the Sustainability section. In the Career section, potential employees can find information about the development opportunities offered by the RONAL GROUP, as well as current job vacancies. A clear structure and an easy, user-friendly navigation system make it easy to find relevant web content throughout the site.

The fresh, modern design of the RONAL GROUP’s corporate website reflects the great passion that the wheel manufacturer has for its products, enabling us to experience this at first-hand. All this is underlined by emotive imagery, featuring pictures from the company’s own plants. Other highlights are multimedia content such as video sequences about key production stages and animations of the testing process, which all help to portray the RONAL GROUP to visitors as a dedicated manufacturer of light-alloy wheels.

The corporate website is available in eight languages and is optimized for all mobile devices. Journalists can also find company-related press releases, information and photos in German and English in the new media portal at https://media.ronalgroup.com.

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