13. February 2019

New forged aluminum wheel SLT 3018 from SPEEDLINE TRUCK

Presezzo/Italy, 2019/02/13 – SPEEDLINE TRUCK, the RONAL GROUP’s truck wheel brand is refreshing its product range. The new SLT 3018 22.5″x11.75″ wheel with ET 120 has been designed specifically for trailers with the goal of keeping pace with the development in transport applications. 

This new version will replace the SLT 2888. It is even lighter, but also has 5,000 kg load carrying capacity, the highest in its class.

In the current configuration, the SLT 3018 is most suitable for demanding applications in difficult road conditions and with above-average loads. It is therefore unreservedly recommended for trailer applications but can also be used on tractor units.

Like all SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels, the SLT 3018 is known for its high quality and very bright diamond surface. There is also a mirror-polished version with 26 and 32 mm bolt hole diameters. Furthermore, the SLT 3018 is fitted with the original SPEEDLINE TRUCK valves which were developed specifically for aluminum wheels and offer extra protection from corrosion between metal parts. Like all wheels from SPEEDLINE TRUCK, the SLT 3018 is also TÜV-tested and ABE-approved for the German automobile aftermarket.

Since February, the SLT 3018 has been obtainable from SPEEDLINE TRUCK aftermarket partners. For more information and a list of distributors please visit www.speedline-truck.com.

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