08. May 2019

SPEEDLINE TRUCK to sponsor the “Don’t Touch Racing” Team

Presezzo/Italy, 2019/05/08 – SPEEDLINE TRUCK, the truck wheel brand of the RONAL GROUP, will be sponsoring the “Don’t Touch Racing” Team throughout the current FIA European Truck Racing Championship season. SPEEDLINE TRUCK has been involved in truck racing as a supporter and supplier of wheels for the last few years. 

After Formula 1, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship is one of the most popular motorsport events in Europe. The public watches totally enthralled as 5-ton iron and steel giants packing up to 1,500 hp reach the maximum allowed speed of 160 km/h in under 5 seconds.

This year, SPEEDLINE TRUCK is supporting the German team “Don’t Touch Racing” which has been making an independent bid for the championship since 2018. “Don’t Touch Racing” was founded by Sven Walter after he had sponsored other teams for several years. The team will be competing for the European Championship title on wheels from SPEEDLINE TRUCK at 8 FIA European Truck Racing Championship races held at various locations in Europe. “We are thrilled to have SPEEDLINE TRUCK as a sponsor and are very much looking forward to collaborating with them,” said team boss Sven Walter.

The sponsorship arrangement with the “Don’t Touch Racing” team represents an ideal partnership for SPEEDLINE TRUCK. “Sven Walter, his team, and André Kursim, his driver, provide the perfect combination to represent truck racing and motivate us as sponsors: experiencing the event and the actual race along with the family-friendly atmosphere, on the one hand, and the challenge to us and our wheels to step up to the mark under extreme conditions, on the other hand. SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels with their combination of light weight, high performance and excellent quality are ideal for racing,” explains Andreas Pape, Sales Manager at SPEEDLINE TRUCK.

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